Reforus Wood Systems

Reforus has developed an innovative manufacturing process that chemically bonds bio polymer coatings to Plywood, OSB, MDF, and Dimensional Lumber products.  As a result, bio polymer coatings can be used to produce a superior end product while eliminating many steps associated with traditional wood product manufacturing.  Reforus composites provide wood products with advanced mechanical properties.



Dimension Lumber



Water Resistance: polymer technology provides a waterproof layer capable withstanding extreme moisture conditions.

Fire Resistance: provides wood products with “Class A” flame spread rating for ASTM e84 and Can/ULC s102.

Anti-skid / Anti-slip: Waterproof polymer coating with added  grit for an anti-skid surface that is bonded directly to wood.

Bug Resistant: resistant to borers, insects, and rodents.  Suitable for food and animal storage.

Water Resistant

Bug Resistant

Fire Resistant

Anti Slip / Skid

About Reforus

Tech Driven Manufacturing

Waste Stream Utilization

Bio Polymer Technology

Sustainable Wood Sources

Reforus Wood Systems Inc. is a Canadian company focused value added wood product technologies.  Reforus has developed a new material technology which combines Soy and Lignin based polyols with an automated manufacturing system to create high value wood composites.  The technology will be used to manufacture a wide variety of affordable wood products which offer different mechanical properties for different applications.

Reforus currently operates a pilot manufacturing facility in Surrey British Columbia.  The automated pilot line produces coated Plywood, OSB, MDF, Dimension Lumber products which are currently being test marketed across British Columbia.

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